FW 2017-18


 Haute Couture Paris FW 2017-18, Georges Hobeika


The haute couture by Georges Hobeika is a high fashion needed. Every time we reconcile not only with fashion, see the general flatteningof taste, but also with the Beauty, in a world where true beauty is a pale sunlight among dark clouds.

With his dreamy dresses, heirs of a sublime craftsmanship and masterful tailoring that allows him  to create amazing masterpieces, Hobeika shows us that everyone can be unique, in spite of fashions and trends, and that beauty is a ray of sunshine that must shine before inside us: we can't wait for it to appear and survive in the leaden sky of these dark times.

If the sun is within ourselves, we can reflect it with our way to be or with our costumes. Good taste is a good indicator of how much beauty and light we have inside us and masterpieces by Georges Hobeika are perfect for enhancing this gift and give with their sophisticated and refined style even more light into our world.

Because similar spirits recognize each other and Georges Hobeika is like a magnet for anyone who really loves and knows very well the high fashion world and he is inevitably attracted by the creations of this Master, so unique, spectacular and amazing. Everytime.


Mood: Princess at the Grand Ball
Lenght: knees, ankle, long with train for dresses and skirts while the hyper embroidered jackets are short, at the waist, in pure '60ies style
Breadth: nothing wrapped, but lightly comfy along the silhouette or absolutely wide especially for the amazing evening gowns
Colors: white, pale pink, electric blue, pale blue, coral, magenta, grey
Fabrics: satin, silk, damask, tulle, voile, organza


SS 2017


Haute Couture Paris SS 2017, Georges Hobeika

Refinement and elegance in the name of an high fashion always capable to suprise thanks amazing stylistic solutions. The new hate couture spring/summer 2017 collection signed by Georges Hobeika is a hymn to the absolute Beauty and to a femminity always cutting edge, absolutely fresh and contemporary. Georges Hobeika runs. On its way to the heights of perfection is strong and constant. From collection to collection points straight toward the absolute to show us that there is no limit to what the haute couture can concept and realize. Enchantable creations parades on the catwalk and each time is a new dream from which you would like to wake up to return to dullness of fashion that is cultural flattening. High Fashion instead shows us that everyone has wings to fly over this grey sky because haute couture is art and art is the perfect fuel for the soul, and the most vivid expression of uniqueness. Unique dresses for unique people that understood the real sense of high fashion: like any fashion designer expresses his aesthetic each of us must express his personal vision of the world as we perceive, know and love right through the gestures, words, decisions, but also by choosing a certain outfit because it and only it encompasses our whole world. In this sense, the Haute Couture, when is sublime and charismatic, as in this case, is the Synthesis of All.


Mood: royal and poetic, a marvellous cascades of embroideries and flowers
Lenght: Present all lengths except the mini. Dresses are long to the knee, to the ankle and also with light train
Breadth: shapes lightly enveloping pants and long dresses caress the silhouette without wrap while the sumptuous grand evening dresses have amazing and important  skirts
Colors: pearl, cream, ivory, pail blue, light blue, white, yellow, red
Fabrics: satin, silk, mikado, lace

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